For those of you that have played Alien: Isolation and are still looking for more of a challenge, the Safe Haven DLC should give you a run for your money. The new DLC will come with the addition of two new modes: Salvage and Marathon.

In Salvage, players are put in the middle of a large map inside a safe room, a section of the Sevastopol station where the xenomorph can’t get to you. From this safe room, players must then complete challenges of increasing difficulty within a two-hour time limit. Mission objectives range from operating machinery aboard the station to collecting materials from a specific area.

Completing each mission will reward you with goods to use during the mode and the next mission. The more missions you complete, the harder the enemies will be and the harder it will be to avoid the alien. You can also choose to bank the points and stuff you earn at any time, ending the challenge. However, if you take the risk going after one more mission and die, your score will reset to zero.

For those that still don’t find Salvage challenging enough, Safe Haven also comes with Marathon mode. In Marathon, you play all of your existing modes and maps straight through, and try to survive them all in one go. As creative lead Al Hope told GameSpot, the DLC comes from the studio’s desire “to provide a stripped-back experience that focuses on the moment-to-moment gameplay.”

The Safe Haven DLC also comes with a new playable character Hughes, the Sevastopol’s communications manager. Players can play the modes with Amanda Ripley as well, but the two characters will have differing loadouts.

Safe Haven will be available tomorrow, January 13.

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