There is an increasing amount of evidence supporting the idea that the The Creative Assembly’s Alien project is indeed the oft rumoured Alien: Isolation, believed to follow the story of Amanda Ripley, daughter of the franchise’s traditional protagonist Ellen Ripley. The latest leak comes from Twitter user Lifelower and contains a set of four screenshots that seem to be set within some kind of a space base not dissimilar to those that have appeared in the films in the past, with one of them including the motion scanner:


They follow on from the initial report, Twentieth Century Fox’s trademarking of the title and earlier artwork in hinting that the project may not be too far from confirmation. It has also been reported that Sega took the feedback that it received for Aliens: Colonial Marines, and are committed to making a better game. Alien: Isolation is to rumoured to be released on current- and next-gen consoles, and presumably PC as well. Check out the other 3 screenshots below:




Source: Twitter (Lifelower)

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  1. The most impressive part seems to be the detail on the suits. If that is any indication of the graphics of this game, and that it’s still in development, the final product will probably be bloody fantastic. But then again there was ACM.. So we will have to wait and see. (NOT in any way a graphics whore, but considering how very, very, very, VERY, poor and dated the graphics were in ACM, the graphics for this game NEED to be mind blowing).

    Hopefully they will go the way of survival horror, as stated like Bioshock. But considering the antagonist of the story, I think it will be a challenge for them to maintain player interest and terror throughout the game, and let’s be honest, 1970’s Alien is all about terror. But hopefully they can pull it off.

    I just don’t want to see ANY mutant science projects gone wrong like Alien 4. NO retcons of the previous storylines. NO mention of Predators. NO “multiplayer for the sake of multiplayer because every game has to have a call of duty multiplayer”. And above all else, I do not want to see a game that isn’t true to Alien.

    Amanda Ripley was supposed to have led a long, fufilled, happy and peaceful life. There had better be a damn good reason and explanation as to why not.

    I am praying this title will be a fantastic single player survival horror, that is true.

    1. I’m saving my breath on the next Alien’s game haha. The disappointment that Colonial Marines left with me will take a lot more to break than a few screenshots and tech demos.

      1. I agree, but given Creative’s history I reckon it will be half decent at least. But yes, it’s going to take a lot to repair the damage that has been done. Feel sorry for the guys who will have to eventually market this game, it’ll be a bloody nightmare.

        1. Maybe they could make a game about that ^ instead if all falls through.

    2. I agree with you totally and watching aliens the other day, this is weyland yutani we’re talking about they may have spared ripley the devastation of telling her that her daughter went on a mission to find her. Otherwise she would have never gone back with the marines not saying this has happened but just a thought that the company has been lying to her the whole time.

      1. Never thought of that, and wouldn’t be surprised if they did. Could work pretty well. Just hoping for a decent game now. Even if it’s only half decent, as long as it’s better than ACM.

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