The trademark was only outed a couple of days ago, but rumours have begun to leak about the content of Alien: Isolation. Kotaku reports speaking to an anonymous source familiar with the goings-on at Sega shortly after the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines, when a number of details about the game were shared. Though the information was compiled several months ago, it was the unveiling of the trademark that prompted them to reveal it.

The first thing to note is that the game has already been delayed once. It was supposed to be officially unveiled at E3 2013 but the poor reception of Colonial Marines saw Sega put together a postmortem on that game to ensure that Isolation is a better experience. We aren’t likely to discover whether this was a success until after the game is released but it is nice to know that the publisher is taking the critical feedback seriously and using it in an attempt to make their next title better.

As for the content, the game follows Amanda Ripley, daughter of the film series’ protagonist Ellen, who was revealed in the special edition of Aliens to have died two years prior to the events of that film at a ripe old age. It will be an FPS that incorporates stealth and horror elements, inspired in part by the likes of Bioshock and Dishonored. It is also reported to take place primarily on a space station, with only a single xenomorph present for “most” of the game. More commonly, you’ll be fighting your way through “clones and soldiers”. In spite of this, Isolation is said to be heavily inspired by the original Alien film with vents, lockers and melee weapons “a big part” of the game. It is expected to launch next year on both current and next generation consoles.

The author of the article concedes that this information is six months old, and things may have changed since then, but also states that the anonymous source corroborated most of it recently. Let us know what you think of these details, assuming that they are true, of course.

Source: Kotaku

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  1. Sigh, I want this to be a good game, but after Colonial Marines I have little to no faith. Not putting my hopes and dreams anywhere until I see legit footage of the game and someone actually playing it with a controller in their hand.

    1. Those gameplay details leave me really uncertain. Clones and soldiers are not really a part of Alien, and using Amanda seems to be a fine way to completely and utterly screw with the established canon.

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