A Youtube user has put together a video with clips from Alien: Isolation without any commentary in the videos. Thank goodness.

Below you will find 5 minutes of raw gameplay from Alien: Isolation. Without any commentary involved, you can get a real sense for the intensity of the game by listening to the great sound design that The Creative Assembly has created.

If this is your first time hearing about Alien: Isolation, you can read our full preview of the game by following the link. You can also checkout the official gameplay trailer for the game if you want to something a bit more trailery.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest on Alien: Isolation. It’s a single player only game so you can be sure we’ll be following this one very closely.

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  1. Well let us just hope they don’t shoot off their own foot again with a piss poor job on another alien game! I had such high hopes for colonial marines it was disgusting!

    And to showcase something as amazing as they did with such high fidelity at E3 and to only deliver such crap was completely unbelievable….. I read that they “Sega” and “gearbox” was supposed to get sued I just hope it happened. It speaks volumes of the developer if they do not offer a demo or keep a headlock on the NDA for their game until release day!!! Might as well say “we decided not to let anyone play the game and review it before release because we guarantee a shittay game!!!”

    Angry Joe reviews on YouTube was enough for me to keep away from a game that I had waited for years YEARS to come out!!!! Can you say colonial marines on Atari jaguar!?!?

    Here they go again. Easily toned down on play mechanics, but making up for it in graphical fidelity. Kinda like colonial marines was supposed to look like. Keep on polishing it up and it could be worth $15-20 for a single player game if it has at least 10-20 hrs of play/replay value. Not some AAA wanna be butchered crap that retails like a AAA game on release day just to keep the $59.99 price tag.

    Let’s get some demos and pre release gameplay action that is legit and you might be able to sell some copies of this, but will never redeem yourself Sega and Gearbox….

    1. Well, you do have to consider that the press has actually played this one and seen it in action. For Colonial Marines, all they saw was Pitchford playing the tech demo. This is also The Creative Assembly, the only thing that SEGA has to do with is publishing the game. Creative has made some very good products. Gearbox is very hit and miss with theirs so, you’re right to be skeptical of anything with the Alien name on it, but I wouldn’t be so quick to put The Creative Assembly in the same boat as Gearbox.

      1. Gotcha on that…..not to familiar with creative assembly, but the horror os seeing Sega next to it definitely gets my blood boiling. I’m just glad I cancelled all pre orders before colonial marines came out since I vowed to never buy a day one release ever again. All games these days rely to heavily on day one patches and previous history of sales/hype of certain titles.

        I just wish there was a law against these supposed AAA games being released with so many issues to where they are actually unplayable. $50+ per game is just sickening at that, but to have to pay that and have to wait weeks for your game/system to be playable is just sickening!

        1. Well, the fact that EA had to send out settlements for the NFL franchise, can’t remember what exactly it was for, but pretty sure it had to do with the players representation in the game etc, so the people who bought it all got some reimbursement.

          Same thing should have happened for Colonial Marines for false advertising.

          1. There was the petition for a lawsuit I thought, but could not tell you anything after that.

            Man false advertising is true for sure….. And the fact that they denied the accusation of how the original company left that had the rights to the original graphics engine! It is pretty apparent something changed.

            Alien: Isolation looks pretty impressive and I love how it is presented with the “horror-esque” vibe. All the vides I’ve seen so far seem as if someone is playing with a controller. I want some mouse and keyboard action to check that true twitch factor…..

  2. Meant to correct the game for the jaguar to aliens vs predator, but for some reason my ipad is being a tart on editing my posts….

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