Aliens: Colonial Marines was one of my most anticipated titles of all time. I had been waiting for so long for a good Aliens game, and for those of you that follow the site, you know how big of a disappointment that was. For anyone to take up the Alien IP, it’ll involve a lot of digging to get out of a hole that Gearbox dug with the release of Colonial Marines. Alien: Isolation looks to escape that hole and give fans a game they’ve been asking for.

Alien: Isolation follows the story of Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen Ripley, as she searches for answers to her mother’s disappearance which occurred over 15 years ago. The game takes place on a space trading port called Sevastopol. The port is currently in the process of being decommissioned, setting up a perfect environment for the game.

Amanda, as an employee of Weyland Industries, has traveled to the station to find the USCSS Nostromo’s black box, which could hold the secrets to her mother’s disappearance.

The Creative Assembly isn’t saying much about the story as that’s the game’s main focus. Rumors we previously reported on indicated the game would involve multiplayer components, but this looks to be a single player only game. Other rumors also suggested the game would be an action heavy first person shooter, but that’s so far from the truth apparently it’s laughable, at least according to current information.

Isolation will feature a sole Alien, and throughout your time with the game this 9ft tall Xenomorph will be hunting you relentlessly. Amanda will not have an arsenal of weaponry at her disposal; instead the game will focus on survival forcing you to look for useful items in the environment. There will be a crafting system in play that allows you to create some personal defense items and other items for creating diversions.


The most interesting thing about the game by far however, is the fact that the Alien is not scripted. The Alien will use sight, sound and smell to hunt you and there are no pre-determined paths for it. No pre-determined path means the same thing will hardly happen twice. To escape the Alien you’ll need to play the game slowly, staying out of sight and hiding when you need to. It sounds like the game will feature a system similar to what we saw in Outlast as you’re able to hide under tables, peek around corners and so on. The main defense against the Alien will be the iconic motion tracker.

The Alien also cannot be killed, so those that are courageous enough to try and kill it instead of hiding will quickly find themselves a quick meal for the Alien. Even your flashlight will give away your position to the Alien. When you use a trap or a certain type of weapon, the Alien will learn over time and again, force you to change up your tactics.

While it hasn’t been confirmed there are no other enemies in the game, it’s possible that encounters with soldiers from another corporation will be involved. But, with the game’s focus on survival and non-confrontational encounters, it may focus on the player staying out of sight and performing defensive maneuvers.


According to the majority of previews around the net, The Creative Assembly has put a lot of attention into the detail of the environments and are even using the original model for the Alien rather than what we saw in Resurrection. You can check the screenshots below to get a better idea of what the environment looks like.

Since Alien: Isolation is a single player only game, you can be sure that we’ll be putting a heavy focus on it over the course of this year. If the details above are any indication, this is the definitive Alien experience that gamers have been asking for. We’ll just have to see if The Creative Assembly can create a game that doesn’t lose its appeal after playing for a few hours as many horror games tend to do.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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