Agony UNRATED, the uncensored version of this year’s Agony, will launch on Steam October 31.

Following a protracted PR fiasco regarding the game’s censorship by its publisher, developer Madmind Studio is now able to release the fully-realised version of its game. Originally, the title was censored following a litany of concerns from the publisher.

Agony launched to lukewarm reviews, with many being unimpressed with the game’s stylistic leanings and repetition. A vocal portion of the gaming community found the game to be misogynistic for its sex-fueled depiction of hell.

Agony was originally meant to launch in March, before being delayed to May. The game finally launched then, albeit in a clearly cut-down state. OnlySP’s Damien Lawardorn found moments of fun in the title but concluded that it was largely unpolished.

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Ben Newman

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