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One of 2018’s most maligned games, Agony, is set to receive a spin-off called SUCCUBUS, which tells the story of one of the eponymous demons.

Announced yesterday, SUCCUBUS will revisit the hellscape dreamed up for the original game, but with an entirely new gameplay focus.

As displayed in the “concept gameplay trailer” embedded below, this spin-off is action-oriented. In contrast, Agony was an often plodding and frustrating affair, enlivened by those sections in which the player was able to take control of demons.

The storyline will focus on a lone succubus “captured, maimed, and betrayed by her own species,” who meets a powerful demon and sets out to “get the soul of Nimrod.”

Players will be able to use both weapons and pyrokinesis to battle enemies. Furthermore, the developer, Madmind Studio, is also hinting at an RPG-like progression system through an expandable skill tree and armour and weapon systems.

SUCCUBUS is currently without a release date, though it is targeting a PC release.

Agony included a Succubus mode that unlocked after completion of the base game and improved on many of its flaws. However, even that was not enough to save the title, which OnlySP’s review concluded “stumbles off the starting block and, despite a valiant later effort, is never able to make up lost ground. In this case, a poor first impression irreparably mars the experience.”

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