The Beast Inside

Despite being best known for simulators, Polish publisher PlayWay is making a name for itself for horror games, with its latest, The Beast Inside, passing its initial Kickstarter funding goal.

Details on The Beast Inside are fairly scarce, though the game is described as a “new twist on [the] thriller and survival horror genres.” The developers have revealed that players will take on two roles throughout the game, a CIA cryptanalyst named Adam in 1979 and a mysterious figure known as Nicholas in 1864. The story begins in earnest when Adam discovers Nicholas’s long-abandoned journal in his attic, unleashing the horrors of the past into the present.

The Beast Inside is set in a semi-open world based on rural America, aiming for photorealism via a combination of the Unreal Engine 4 and the increasingly popular rendering technique of photogrammetry. Players will be able to explore the environment beyond the house, including an inn and a swamp, with every item said to be “fully interactive.” As might be expected from the genre, gameplay will involve both hiding from and fighting nightmarish adversaries.

At the time of writing, the game is nearing its first stretch goal of CAD$70,000, which will see additional mechanics included, such as unique boss fights, new riddles, and improved AI. Further stretch goals will add new locations, multiple endings, console versions of the title, and a VR mode. Interestingly pledges of CAD$130 will see backers rewarded with copies of not just The Beast Inside, but two of PlayWay’s other crowdfunded horror games: Agony (which was delayed yesterday) and Lust for Darkness.

The Beast Inside is being crafted MovieGames, a Polish developer and publisher founded in 2016 and Illusion Ray Studio, a company better known for 3D films. The game is currently targeting a March 2019 release on PC.

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