I’m a sucker for a good mystery or Whodunit story. One such story is now adapted into video game form from its original written novelization: Agatha Christie – The ABC Murders. The game was officially released for download today on Xbox One.

Available today for download from Xbox Live on Xbox One, The ABC Murders, developed by Artefact Studio and published by Microids, features the investigations of renowned private investigator Hercule Poirot in third-person POV. Poirot’s investigation has him go toe-to-toe with a new opponent calling himself ABC.

The ABC Murders has Poirot exploring many crime scenes in several cities across the United Kingdom (the UK). Leaving a stone unturned in your investigations can mean the difference between catching the thief and the thief getting away with it. The major game mechanics include four main pillars: first, examining suspects to collect information. The nature of how they divulge information must be observed in addition to what they say at all. Second, puzzle-solving can unlock more clues to the mystery.

Third, collecting clues enable Poirot to make connections and deductions as to the nature, state of mind, and motive/intentions of the murderer.

Fourth and last, Poirot’s Timeline is a feature that is basically a summary of everything that has been collected, deduced, and occured during the investigation.

Agatha Christie – The ABC Murders is available now for download on the Xbox One via Xbox Live.

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Cedric Lansangan

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