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Battleborn Has a Narrative Driven Single Player Campaign Mode

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  1. ADR1FT has been on for some time now. Same release date, but the price is listed at $29.99.

    1. Hm, assuming this might be for the physical release then over digital with the increased price? Is the Best Buy version a digital pre-order?

    2. Bestbuy changed the date to 12/31/2015 today.

      1. Yea, assuming Three One Zero got in contact with them like they did us about it.

        1. Ya this is disappointing I was hoping the summer date was right. Unless it is and Three One Zero just caught on to the date being posted. C’mon E3!!!

      2. Dang, they pulled it completely from what I can see.

        1. If you reserved it you still have a reservation….I got an email telling me the new date cause I reserved it

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