Adam’s final video for Only SP has gone live. Check it out above and be sure to leave a comment below to let Adam know just how much you enjoyed his videos.

From all of us here at Only SP, we wish Adam the very best for the future.

Nathan Hughes
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  1. Good luck with the future buddy. Only just started watching your work recently, but you have the look of a young Danny O’Dwyer about yourself.

    1. Thank you very much for he kind words. It means a lot:)

  2. Good luck, man! :)

    1. Thank you:)

  3. Good luck! I also visit HG regularly (have been there since they reopened the site a couple years ago & listened to all 70 of their podcasts as they came out). They are the most politically incorrect bunch of knuckleheads (& I come from a long line of knuckleheads!!) I’ve ever listened to – it’s part of their charm!! Hope you enjoy working there as much as I do visiting!!

    1. You have listened to all 70 podcasts, impressive. Glad to hear you like them so much. From speaking with them, they all seem like great people.

  4. Good luck man. All the best in the future

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