Dragon Marked for Death

The latest update to Inti Creates’s action-platformer RPG Dragon Marked For Death gives players a higher level cap and a new quest.

The patch pushes the level cap up 70 and, with this change, character attributes have been extended to a maximum of 200.

Another big addition is the new ‘Cavern Of Torment’ quest that becomes available after completing the game.

With the raising of the level cap, the mission titled ‘The Dragon’s Hoard’ now has a level 80 difficulty for an added challenge.

New items have also been added to the games black market. In Dragon Marked For Death players have access to a multitude of items that heal, boost stats, debuff, and much more, but now players can add these consumables to a short cut tied to the analogue stick instead of having to pause the game every time.

A full list of the changes and additions—which includes bug fixes, equipment price alterations, changes to character abilities and much else besides—is available on the game’s official website

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Chris Hepburn
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