Bandai Namco’s aerial dog-fighting simulator action game, Ace Combat 7  garnered much attention at Sony’s Playstation Experience 2016, with a new trailer debuted during the show alongside juicy new details on the campaign and gameplay.

The new details on the game mentioned earlier cover quite a wide range of topics, and emerged in a recent interview in the Japanese magazine Famitsu, with the English translation of its highlights being reported by Siliconera.

Whereas Ace Combat 4 and 5 told their stories, respectively, through the eyes of a young man and adopted the style of a road movie centered around the playable character, Ace Combat 7’s story is told from the points of view of several characters rather than just one in particular. This latest sequel will pick up approximately 10 years following the events of Ace Combat 5. Story elements are expected to please fans of that previous game, but will also be welcoming to players new to the franchise through in-game and in-story explanations and introductions.

Comparison will be a key theme of both the narrative and gameplay of Ace Combat 7; unmanned and manned aircraft will be showcased, as will the split between players and experienced pilots. Furthermore, the appearance of the F-104 jet will be an important plot element.

Meanwhile, of all its predecessors, Ace Combat 7 will most closely resemble the fifth title in the main series, while gameplay will be similar to the fourth. A Playstation VR mode for Ace Combat 7 was in the works at one point as part of the main game, but developmental issues have led to the creation of these modes falling out of sync and separating into two separate timelines. Whether this means that a PlayStation VR mode will be released as a patch or downloadable content for Ace Combat 7, or whether it will be a game in its own right has not been made clear.

Ace Combat 7 is slated for release on the Playstation 4 in 2017, though a precise release date has not yet been locked down.

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