Featured on OnlySP in May last year, the upcoming Unreal Engine 4 powered Absention drew attention as a promising entry in the canon of first-person survival horror, with its lushly detailed but claustrophobic setting.

Now, after months of silence, the Absention Twitter account has updated with a new screenshot, this time showing off the train that players will take to the eerie main setting of the game.

Developed by Australia-based indie studio Dream Wave Games, Absention is a departure from the standard indie horror model, replacing dark and gritty scenery with a meticulously rendered country house.

Promising psychological tension, rather than just jump scares, the game is described as Resident Evil meets Groundhog Day. After the disappearance of their estranged father, the player is forced to relive the same day again and again to solve the mystery, all while being hunted by a supernatural presence. Dream Wave Games are currently aiming for a release on PC and on VR through the Oculus Rift.

Since Absention‘s official reveal in early 2015, there have been a multitude of first-person adventure games released, some of varying quality, many supporting VR. Though Dream Wave Games is looking to stand on its own vision, the developers have their work cut out for them to prove their game isn’t just another Gone-Home-alike.

For more on Absention, check out OnlySP’s interview with lead designer and founder of Dream Wave Games, Robert Bruce.

Mitchell Ryan Akhurst
Mitchell is a writer from Currawang, Australia, where his metaphorical sword-pen cleaves fiction from reality daily. When he's not writing, he plays video games and watches movies. While thinking about writing.

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