Last week, Insomniac revealed gameplay for the first time for its new open-world Xbox One exclusive shooter Sunset Overdrive. The game looks gorgeous and seems like it will provide a lot of fun to Xbox One owners when it hits shelves this fall. However, there were a few issues that I noticed from watching the gameplay videos and previews around the internet. I would like to share the good and the bad of Sunset Overdrive’s reveal videos with you. Keep in mind that I have not played the game and the game is not finished, so these may not be issues by the time the game releases.

Let’s start with what I liked about Sunset Overdrive. First of all, I like the idea. When Ted Price walked on Microsoft’s stage last year for the first time, I think we were all surprised to see an Xbox One exclusive title being made by Insomniac, as they have been predominantly Sony-focused over their 20 year history. He then proceeded to show off a trailer for this game that had a colorful art style and looked different than the normal “shoot-shoot-bang-bang” we’ve become accustomed to in the past few years.

The idea of Sunset Overdrive is that there is a soda company in the year 2027, called FizzCo, that has recently released a drink, called Overcharge Delirium XT, in Sunset City. This drink has caused many people to become “OD’d” and mutated their form and the player, who is a fully customizable employee of FizzCo, has to deal with these mutants. The only problem I have with this is that even though the enemies are called “OD’d”, they are zombies just as the Infected from The Last of Us were zombies. We don’t know if the “OD’d” will act differently from what we’ve seen in zombie games before, but we must hope that they do to add variety to the genre. Then again, Insomniac has described them as just “cannon-fodder” and we know there’s a lot of other creative enemies in store they are keeping under wraps.


Sunset Overdrive’s graphics were beautiful, and its world is said to be huge with a lot of things to do. From the few short gameplay clips we’ve seen, there have been a few standout locations, but nothing other than shooting the infected, which, again, I hope will not be the case in the full game.

One main aspect of the game that has been part of Insomniac’s history since its inception is the wacky and memorable guns that you can use. There are ones we’ve seen, including one that shoots vinyl records, and ones that were just revealed, like one that shoots a teddy bear with dynamite strapped to its back. As is always with games that have unique and creative weapons, these look to be very entertaining.

The biggest problem I had since I first saw the gameplay was just that, the gameplay. I first saw the trailer and it looked like a combination InFamous with Dead Rising. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a fantastic idea, but it’s not very original. The game’s reveal trailer had me hoping for so much more than just another open-world third person shooter, which is something that the industry sees so much of today. The way you grind on power lines and shoot from there as well as hundreds of zombies running around and crazy weapons show that many of the ideas in the game are those that have been used before by other games.


Insomniac has said that Sunset Overdrive revolves around a concept called “velocity”. In short, this means that if you are not moving, you are probably not living. This is an interesting idea, but is still something that many zombie games today use on a lesser scale. However, I do like that the game is meant to be challenging, as many zombie games nowadays are a walk in the park when they should be frustrating and difficult, as you are in the zombie apocalypse.

Don’t get me wrong, I am excited to see how Sunset Overdrive turns out when it is completed and released, and I love Insomniac’s creativity for the story and idea that drive their newest creation. Insomniac has created some fantastic games in the past, and I am excited to see how their new game turns out. Sunset Overdrive has some amazing new ideas that Insomniac can use to make their new game great. The problems that I presented here are just some that I noticed as I watched the gameplay reveal trailers and previews around the internet. There is so much that I want to see out of Sunset Overdrive, and all I want is for it to be fully realized.

What did you think about the Sunset Overdrive gameplay? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, stay tuned to OnlySP for everything concerning Xbox One and all things single player.

Matt Bianucci
Loves to play all types of games, especially single player games. There are few games Matt won’t play. While he is new to the games journalism industry, he loves to write, talk and play games. He loves to share his opinions with the world through his editorials and reviews. He is PlayStation focused, writing reviews and news about the PS4, PS3, PS Vita and everything else PlayStation. Matt is currently a student based in the United States

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    1. theyre not zombies…they are mutants

    2. “a few standout locations, but nothing other than shooting the infected, which, again, I hope will not be the case in the full game.”
      —Well even by your own words that “concern” is very premature.

      “had me hoping for so much more than just another open-world third person shooter

      —More like what? While it combines similar mechanics of past games its wildly different also. I understand questioning aspects of a game but really you have some “vague” criticism. I mean I can say I was hoping for so much more than another FPS, Racing game, Fighting game, RPG or any genre really, about any next gen game without being specific what I wanted to see or what I think is flawed.

      1. I was mentioning that from everything we saw, which, granted, was not much, there was not much more than shooting “OD’d” in terms of gameplay.

        Also, I wasn’t sure exactly what I was hoping for, but there are so many open world third person shooters on the market. I was hoping Insomniac would do something different.

        This was just a look at what we know so far and what I personally like and don’t like from everything we’ve seen. Obviously we have a long time to go until the game releases and there is so much left to show about the game before it hits shelves. These were my initial thoughts of the what we’ve seen so far of the game.

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