Sega has uploaded a number of teasers alluding to an announcement for the Valkyria series next week.

A few days ago, Sega posted a website that can be found here. The webpage opens with a blue and white icy landscape with text that reads, “Valkyria Project Nov. 20 Coming Soon.”

Additionally, the website has been regularly daily at 12:00p.m. Japan time with more clues for Valkyria supporters to follow.

Most recently, the teaser site has updated with eight silhouettes of characters who will presumably appear in the soon-to-be announced game. The site has added two character images everyday, so more updates are expected in the coming days.

Fans have already started digging into the details in hopes of uncovering more information regarding the return of the franchise. While some are doubtful this project will see a console release, speculation is leading most to believe the next entry will stray away from a mobile audience. Because of the website’s localization, the upcoming RPG title will seemingly see a worldwide market.

Though fans are excited for what Valkyria Project may bring, expectations are undoubtedly hampered after 2017’s divisive Valkyria Revolution.

The series first launched in 2008 with Valkyria Chronicles on the PlayStation 3, a game that later found its way to Windows and PS4 with a remastered version.

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Michael Cripe
Michael fell into the OnlySP team toward the end of 2017. You’ll mostly catch his work over in the news area, but that doesn’t mean he won’t dip into the features section every now and then. For him, gaming doesn’t get much better than Metal Gear Solid and Super Mario Sunshine. Though he is a die-hard Nintendo fan, he grew up on PlayStation.

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