Maximum Games has announced the release date of Road Rage, a new open-world motorcycle racing game where lawlessness is key to victory and survival.

Set to release on October 24, 2017, Road Rage will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game can be pre-ordered on its official website, where gamers can also view a few screenshots featuring some motorcycles and the menacing weapons at the riders’ disposal.

With “extensive gameplay variety,” players will have access to 42 story missions and 56 side missions. Side missions range from “delivery and escort jobs to combat races to all-out gang brawls.” Weapons are diverse, used to complete missions and annihilate the competition in a battle royale for first place. Moreover, multiple bikes are available and can be customized to fit the player’s personal style.

Maximum Games is a “full service publisher of entertainment software around the world.” The company was founded in 2009, with the mission to deliver the “maximum amount of fun in each of [their] games.” Maximum Games has published games of all genres, including action, sports, first-person shooters, puzzles, mysteries, and arcade games.

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