Developed by Gold Extra, The Fallen takes place at a desolate airport in Ukraine’s “disputed Eastern regions” using mechanics that are similar to sniper shooters, and a new demo is available for PC and MAC.

The Fallen is a game that compels players to fight a battle they do not understand, and the game features no heroes. The Fallen “tells the stories of ordinary people with ordinary lives… but all met the same [fate] in a senseless civil war tainted by nationalism and propaganda.” Players will have no clear understanding for whom they are fighting at any given time. When a player kills an enemy, the particular enemy’s story will be heard by the user.

Gold Extra is planning on sinking deep into the game’s development in late fall 2017, with the team focusing on creating “a compact experience, an essay that can be played out from beginning [to] end in approximately 1.5 hours.” The game’s key features include a gloomy depiction of Ukraine’s frozen conflict, unique documentary gameplay, reconstruction of Donetsk’s destroyed airport, and an atmospheric soundtrack. The Fallen’s current state is that of a first demo, which offers a glimpse of Gold Extra’s intended result for the game.

The Fallen was nominated for the Most Amazing Game Award at Amaze 2017.

Gold Extra is an Austrian art collective that produces artworks in, and between, video games, fine arts, performance, music, and hyper media. The company engages in in-depth research to create a formal environment for the team’s ideas.

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Dylan Warman

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