Syndrome’s latest trailer reveals the creatures that stalk the halls, as well as the possible fear reality is slipping from the main character’s fingertips.

Syndrome is a horror game that boasts back to the roots of horror. While you are expected to creep the halls, staying out of sight of a corrupted foe who wants to disembowel you, you do have a limited means of protection if you are caught. Along with the setting — an abandoned spaceship filled with grotesque cyborgs — I recall getting a strong System Shock vibe when I got to try it earlier this year at an event.

Joanna Nelius got to preview the title back in May, describing exploring the deserted ship as anxiety-inducing to the point of being too emotionally-difficult to continue on. However the main draw lies elsewhere, as she concluded saying:

“Without two characters trying to manipulate your trust early on in the game, Syndrome would not have stood out against the hundreds of others games of the same genre. It seems that the developers have a carefully planned out story to tell, and I would like to know that that is.”

Syndrome will release onto PC (Windows, Linux and Mac) with Oculus support, as well as onto Xbox One and PS4. No release date has been announced.

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