Darkest Dungeon will be infesting your PS4 and Vita like an eldritch abomination on the 27th of September.

Darkest Dungeon is a grim fantasy title that not only challenges your characters’ body to be pushed to the limits, but also their minds. As your party beats down corrupted creatures that should not be, some may not be able to handle the horrifying implication of what they face. Perhaps your Jester will become masochistic, your Cleric paranoid or your Crusader hopeless? These will lead to your cobbled together adventuring crew acting rather peculiarly in the heat of battle or while walking around the dungeon. Will they see the exit, or will they let-loose their last fear-riddled scream as their life trickles away?

Released on the 19th of January, it got heavy praise from fans and critics for its bleak portrayal of adventuring and Lovecraftian elements. Our very own Reid Gacke (in contrast to the other ones out there) gave it a 8.5. He echoes a warning both reviewers and consumers have shared of its double-edged nature:

“If you’re prepared for its unforgiving difficulty (and possibly some rampant RNG cheating), Darkest Dungeon has an almost unprecedented ability to craft unique and varied narratives and the challenges of the game make its victories all the sweeter.”

As someone who backed Darkest Dungeon on Kickstarter based on the Lovecraftian theme, unique pitch, and aesthetic, I was immensely pleased by the end product. While I petered out due to that cruel difficulty, I still believe I had a good enough time and could see myself replaying it again.

Darkest Dungeon will be $24.99 (or £18.99) and you can get it now for Windows/Mac/Linux.

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