Yeseterday, the developers of Sir, You Are Being Hunted, Big Robot, announced new game called, The Signal From Tölva.

The Signal from Tölva is billed to be a familiar-yet-new beast for the developer of Sir, You Are Being Hunted. While it retains an exploration focus, it does seem to have a stronger combat angle rather than sneaking from hunters. This will require you to strap salvaged weapons and defense systems onto yourself to fight off resistance. Although one odd similarity is despite the change from steampunk to sci-fi, your core enemy appears to be robots. However, it’s not all bad, as you can now hack them to fight along side you. Over all, the mechanics seems to suggest it will be a familiar-yet-new game to get your teeth into.

The official website shares the story behind your alien world stumbling:

“In the distant future, star-faring robotic factions sift through the ruins of an ancient civilization. On the highlands of Tölva, beneath the shadow of abandoned war machines, they found something.

Was it the source of the signal you were so interested in? And will the trail lead to enlightenment, or something more sinister? Your allies hijack a drone and you begin the search for yourself.”

The Signal from Tölva will be hitting Mac and Windows in early 2017.

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