Daedalic Entertainment, developers of adventure titles like The Whispered World, Deponia and The Night of the Rabbit, have announced a new cyberpunk adventure title called State of Mind.

In State of Mind you play as a character who decides to let go of the real world, uploading their mind into a virtual plane. This virtual world is an utopia so alluring that people have been abandoning their real lives in favour for the escapism. In the process of uploading, something goes awry and now your self is fragmented between the real world and the digital realm that is City 5. You spend the game trying to track down your family as well as trying to unite your physical and digital psyche.

Perhaps gullible, I admit to being very curious about the synopsis. Maybe it’ll discuss gaming compulsion (more commonly known as game addiction) that does happen to some people? It could even delve into the experience and talk about the (possibly anecdotal) reasons people turn their back on life and live out their existence online. Personally, it would be especially interesting to have a game that’ll use gaming compulsion as a topic without making the awkward statement of “it’s like drug addiction, but with games”. Although I may just be gullible on this one, and State of Mind could be a pretty snazzy game without discussing the subject.

State of Mind will be getting a release onto PS4, Xbox One and PC/Mac in Q1 2017.

Source: PCGamer.

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