Bethesda has revealed in a trailer that Prey 2 is being developed by Dishonored developers Arkane Studios, with the “not confusing” name Prey.

The reveal trailer depicts a man living in a bright sci-fi universe filled with cups of coffee, meetings, and clear blue skies. This is at least until things begin to look awry. The blood-red eyes, the shaking coffee mug and audio glitches break away to you being trapped on a ship with a semi-visible black substance that you desperately shoot at, never quite sure if it is even hit. It seems to even begin to invade you, covering your hands with a thick black web-like form. The final shot is like an exclamation point to the body-horror madness as you are talked to by yourself, told “you’re not going to like what I have to say next”.

It seems to suggest a darker and more psychologically-twisted horror game in comparison to the original Prey, as developed by Human Head Studios. The original title involved a mixture of gunfights and puzzles, as your Native American roots gave you supernatural powers to fight against the aliens who have captured you. The trailer of Prey (this Prey, not 2006 Prey. Yep, already confusing) seems to suggest reality twisting, a threat that is hard to comprehend and desperate gunfights against an ill-defined substance/species.

About two and a half weeks ago, there was a leak suggesting an E3 reveal of Prey 2. A Twitter post by aliennoire claimed that on the 14th of June a new Prey game would be announced which would be developed by Arkane Studios. At the time of reporting on Only SP, the prediction (especially of the developer involved) seemed like the resurgence of a 2013 rumour of Arkane Studios’s take-over of Prey 2‘s development. Despite being off by one day, it makes for an interesting prediction/leak.

The current release date of Prey (the new one) is the year 2017, with no information as of yet of what formats.

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