Epic Tavern, a game by Hyperkinetic Studios which allows you to manage a tavern in a fantasy setting, will be coming to Windows PC in Q1 of 2017.

Epic Tavern‘s management will reach beyond customising your business to print as much money as possible, drawing adventurers far and wide to your booze-selling shed. As Tavernmaster, you will be expected to utilise quest management by drawing in the clientèle you wish and then sending them off onto adventures that will hopefully end in success. This success will depend on assembling the right crew with the right equipment for the job.

There is a lot of choice for the “right crew” in Epic Tavern, as each adventurer who partakes in your de-sobering liquor will have their own distinct personalities, skills and secrets. This becomes important as each quest (and the choices you make in them) will have an irreversible effect on the individuals involved, the tavern’s atmosphere and the world beyond the tavern. This can include adventurers gaining titles, making future combat scenarios harder or even procuring a new type of ale that’ll draw in a larger variety of mercenaries.

As you forge deeper down the path your tavern is on with your decisions, you may decide to build it into a money-making machine, a cut-throat bar for those unfamiliar of the term “morals” or even a bastion for the faithful and pure (so, I presume, they can have a smug-off).

You can find further information about the up-and-coming fantasy pub simulator title on their official website here.

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