Dreams really do come true for sixteen year-old game designer Anthony Tan as Team17 picks up his freshman title Way to the Woods.

Best known for the highly successful Worms franchise, Team17 signed the young designer to the brand new Studio Happy Bee after the label found screenshots of Tan’s game on the front page of Reddit. Many of the execs were itching to take on Tan’s project after its discovery in December. It only took about a week for Team17 to take on the Way to the Woods even though it is essentially a concept—a customary approach for the company to take on up and coming titles.

Way to the Woods is a third-person adventure game where the player wanders around as a deer and her fawn, trekking through an odd world with surreal imagery. The art style draws inspirations from Studio Ghibli and features a soundtrack composed by Jeremy Warmsley.

Still, introducing Tan at such a young age was, admittedly, a big risk for the veteran company, but Team17’s CEO Debbie Bestwick stands by the decision firmly. The exec started in the video game industry at 17 years old and maintains, “If you’re good enough, you’re old enough.” Both Team17 and Tan share mutual excitement and “all-caps typing” for the currently-undated project.

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Alexis Timari

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