Self-branded “bonkers” game developers Interdimensional Games place characters and narrative at the forefront of their focus in their upcoming title Consortium: The Tower. The developers are knee deep in their month-long Kickstarter campaign to greenlight The Tower for production and have raised about $70,000 thus far. In their latest update – Diplomacy and the Spoken Word – the company highlights two key mechanics in developing Consortium: The Tower: the conversation manager and the agitation meter.

The Conversation Manager

The developers focus on dialogue as The Tower’s “common verb.” Essentially, the player would be able to talk his or her way through the entire game without resorting to violence. The player can press the “talk key” whenever they’d like, and a range of dialogue options appear. Unlike a majority of first person titles with linear stories, The Tower allows the player to set aside conversations and revisit them at a later time. The manager even breaks the communications down into categories such as “mission pertinent,” “external,” and “personal.” These dialogue options are realistic conversations and each exchange can only be visited once, so choose your words wisely.

The Agitation Meter

The Tower’s adversaries work in a squad-based atmosphere. Every squad leader comes prepared with a unique backstory and personality that affects the player’s gameplay. The group’s “agitation meter” (no, not what feel when you visit your family at Thanksgiving) is controlled by the squad leader. This number above the character’s shoulder serves as an indicator of the squad’s emotional state toward the player. A 0 means the leader is calm, reserved, and will likely listen when the player tries to talk to him. A 10 means the leader is “murderously angry” and will attack immediately. The number updates in real time, so you’ll be able to visibly see if your conversation impacts the leader positively or negatively. If you’re looking to coax the group to a peaceful resolution, it’s best to find the squad leader early on. Additionally, every time you start a “new game,” the squads’ starting locations are randomized, making the title ripe for replay.

If you try to accomplish everything Consortium has to offer on your first play through, you’re still going to miss about 40% of the game’s content. The Tower will take into account your style and choices, leaving you with a personalized gameplay experience. This is the first of many detailed updates from Interdimensional Games, so keep Consortium: The Tower’s Kickstarter page on your radar for more updates. You can also read more about the game in our previous coverage here

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Alexis Timari

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