With 2015 wrapping up and 2016 on the horizon, we here at OnlySP have been looking ahead to find ways to better capitalize on our niche of providing you, our readers, with the most comprehensive and interesting news about single player experiences.

We understand that there are a lot of places to go for news nowadays and it’s easier than ever for savvy gamers to find their own news. So we’re making it our goal to do what we can to give you content that you can only find here. As such, aside from our usual news, reviews, and editorials, we have several exciting feature articles planned for the upcoming year. I can’t give you details about everything we have coming down the pipe, but we have one series of articles planned and ready to go that I’d like to get you hyped for: Spotlight.

This series will explore games in a way that you won’t find on any other website. We’re starting off this feature with one of our most anticipated games of 2016. Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

These features will be rich with content that we think you’ll find quite interesting. All of us here on the site are extremely excited about this first entry, and hopefully in the future if we become big enough, we can travel to these locations and do the interviews first hand.

In January, we’ll be kicking off our Spotlight series by chatting with the minds behind Kingdom Come: Deliverance about things like their combat system, the challenges and pitfalls of working with historical accuracy, and the differences between making a more realistic medieval game and a fantasy game. We’ll be talking to them about the game’s large-scale battles, the historical weapons, the historical influences that led to the creation of the game, and getting more details about what sort of research the team did. We hope you’re as excited for this title as we are because we’re going to be finding out everything there is to know about it, without spoiling the actual game itself.

To do this feature justice, James Billcliffe has spent the last month researching the history of the Bohemian Kingdom, which is where Kingdom Come takes place.

And this is only the first article of Spotlight. We have lots more in the pipe – both in this feature series and others – so be sure to follow OnlySP at our website here and on Facebook and Twitter (@Official_OnlySP) for this and much, much more.

Thank you for making 2015 a great year, single players. We hope to make 2016 even better. Expect Nick’s End of the Year Address in the next few days.

Brienne Gacke
Writer, journalist, teacher, pedant. Brienne's done just about anything and everything involving words and now she's hoping to use them for something she's passionate about: video games. She's been gaming since the onset of the NES era and has never looked back.

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