This week, we’re feeling a bit scattered with the holidays sneaking up on us and all the delicious controversy in the games media. So our titles for this week’s Indie Roundup are similarly all over the place: first, we have a sci-fi, end-of-the-world scenarios in Megasphere, a side-scrolling hack-and-slash with a little pixel samurai in Bit Up, an ancient adventure tale reminiscent of the Legend of Zelda and Shadow of the Colossus in the Last Shore, and a rogue-like about rogues in Killers & Thieves.

Megasphere (AKGames)

The first game we have for you this week is Megasphere, a stylistic platforming shooter from AKGames that is now available on Steam Early access in its alpha state. In Megasphere, you play as a special ops soldier in a “post-cyberpunk” universe. Your goal: to find out why stars across the galaxy are going dark. The game sells itself as being something of a rogue-like with randomized maps every time you play, difficult and intelligent enemy AI, upgradable weapons, physics-based platforming and, of course, permadeath with checkpoints.

You can check out the trailer below, which shows off the game’s over-the-top, stylish action, or check out the early access page here.

Bit Up (Cosmogonia)

Next up is Bit Up, a game that really runs away with the “games are pixels” concept. In Bit Up, you play as Bit, a little pixel samurai in a gorgeous (albeit slightly blocky) world. The game is hack-and-slash, so it’s up to you to…well, hack and/or slash your way through a side-scrolling adventure, fighting against invading forces and killing them for their sweet, sweet pixels. Pixels can be used to “build new gear, manipulate the environment and even open pathways to secret areas.”

In the story, it’s your job to help Bit uncover the secret of the world while protecting his home from invading hordes.

Bit Up is still in the early stages of development as well, but there’s already plenty to see over at the game’s website. Or check out the teaser trailer below.

The Last Shore (Pulpo Games)

Hearkening back to the Odyssey and other tales of old, the Last Shore tells the story about a girl looking to save her family by challenging the very gods that threaten it. A top-down, adventure-style game with little narration, you play a nameless girl who is “scared but determined, young but capable” in an adventure that is reminiscent of the Legend of Zelda and Shadow of the Colossus. Like Zelda, you’ll find multiple tools to aid you on your quest, two of which are the bow – which deals a great amount of damage from range – and the sword – which deals less damage than the bow but can cut through multiple enemies at once like a chaff through wheat. And like Shadow of the Colossus, the creators of Last Shore hope to evoke a feeling of calm serenity between bouts of intense action.

You can support the game on Kickstarter here and watch the trailer below.

Killers & Thieves (Candle & Key)

Have you ever felt like you got the raw end of the deal in a world of corruption and wickedness? Ever feel like you just wanted to go out and take what you think the world owes you? Then Killers & Thieves might just be the game for you. In the game, you control a thieve’s guild in a feudal, medieval world. You’ll recruit randomly-generated meat from the street and turn them into the most skilled and devious thieves and assassins the city has ever seen. Or not seen, depending on how well you train them, I guess.

Portions of the corrupt city are procedurally generated as well (would that make this a rogue-like about rogues?) and you’ll plan heists and control multiple thieves in real time to collect as much swag as you can. All the while, you risk losing your highly-trained operatives for good. This is a rogue-like, after all. You’ll have to steal enough money to cover your expenses and, of course, to expand your influence throughout the city while you pick it clean of all the shinies that catch your eye. But watch out. Rivals lurk in the shadows as well and you’ll have to carefully play to stymie their growth while making yourselves the most devious and dastardly band of killers and thieves around.

The game’s developers have stated that the game may still be out by 2016.

You can sneakily keep an eye on the game over at the website here.

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