5. Plan A Heist

Heist610One of the big things GTA V will offer is the chance to choose how you want a bank robbery to play out. You can select your members, choose if you want to go loud and tell everyone to get on the ground or put everyone to sleep with some gas and reap the rewards. It also seems that the rewards for the heists vary by how you choose to do it. All in all, the ability to choose how a heist plays out is a big addition to the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

4. Go Hunting


Like Red Dead Redemption before it, GTA V will allow players to participate in hunting in the massive, sprawling wilderness. From the gameplay trailer, Trevor aims down the sight of his hunting rifle and spots a deer walking around before taking the shot to take it down. It is unclear whether or not GTA V will have a challenge system like in RDR but if it does, we can expect to be sucked into attempting to complete every single challenge.

3. Spend Copious Amounts Of Money


Unlike previous Grand Theft Auto games, GTA V’s currency will actually be incredibly useful. As well as purchasing fast sports cars, clothes and tattoos, you can also invest your money in Los Santos real estate and stocks for companies. Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser stated that GTA V is focused on “having a more vibrant economy,” so there will be lots of opportunities to spend your “hard-earned” cash.

2. Recreational Activities


GTA V will have a plethora of activities to partake in outside of missions. You can play a round of golf, race fast cars/bikes, have a spot of tennis, go cycling and do parachute jumps. You can also take part in a triathlon or have a yoga session to help you achieve your inner peace. Rumor has it that you might also be able to rock climb and surf, but we’ll just has to wait and see. There’s a lot of stuff to do in GTA V and it all looks very fun.

1.  Explore Underwater


One of the new features GTA V will have is the ability to go scuba diving. The developers claim that the underwater portions of the map are highly detailed and will offer players the chance to explore and uncover secrets and hidden treasures. Not only this, but there will also be a few sharks to disrupt your underwater adventures. Let’s just hope you can pack a harpoon with you, or you’re going to end up in the local hospital. On top of all this, you will also get the chance to drive a submarine, which I can’t wait to see in action. Underwater exploration hasn’t been seen since San Andreas, so we can’t wait to go for a dive once more.

What are you most excited to do in Grand Theft Auto V? Let us know below!

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  1. As long as the hunting aspect isn’t like Far Cry 3 where it’s more of a requirement to get good stuff.

    1. So you’d rather have pointless hunting with no reward, whats the point? the hunting in Far Cry 3 was awesome cause it gave a feeling of progression, you were becoming a badass hunter/warrior.

      1. SUre, why not? Not everything has to have a purpose.

  2. All this stuff makes me worried that GTA V will border far too close to what destroyed the Sims for me, where you need to do things like go hunting or play golf or whatever to put your player in the right mood…if they get to worn out or tired from pulling off sweet heists you have to take them on a yoga session to relax them or whatever…other than that I cannot wait for this…BRING ON THE GAME!!

  3. And also actually play the game.

  4. I had a feeling RAMPAGE wouldn’t be mentioned even though that’s everyone is going to do

  5. where can i find the diving underwater ?

    1. can someone answer me please

  6. Would’ve traded all that mediocre/boring crap for the following stuff that GTA: San Andreas had in it but not GTA 5:

    More meaningful story, badass protagonist
    (instead of three pathetic, amoral losers), police missions, fire fighter
    missions, ambulance missions, pimping missions, dating (though I’ll admit it
    needed work), dancing, grabbing a bite to eat, the ability to change your
    character’s body type and muscle tone, the ability to choose what radio station
    YOUR CAR is tuned in to, a jetpack, cops that weren’t psychic, cops that
    weren’t overly powerful, cops that didn’t start shooting at you for accidentally
    bumping into random pedestrians, gambling (in a casino, no less), basketball,
    pool (billiards), a better tank (practically indestructible), the ability to
    aim before shooting while driving, hydraulics, nitrous, the ability to crouch
    without being stuck to an object in cover, varying combat styles, buyable safe
    houses, more enterable buildings (especially businesses you own, duh!), better
    soundtrack, gang wars/acquisition of territory, and you could even steal the

    Would’ve been even better if they’da taken a lesson from Sleeping Dogs and put just half of the great things you could do in THAT game in this piece of crap. But then, that would lead us to believe they wanted us to actually enjoy the gameplay and not just the sights and sounds…

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