Before we begin, we’d just like to point out that while a lot of these entries are pure speculation, some of them do have some indication to be true. However, you should not take any of these entries to be 100% guaranteed unless stated by the developers. This article will constantly be changing and updating throughout the year so be sure to check back often for all the latest details.

Now that we are officially in the next-generation of consoles, it’s time to speculate about what’s to come. There’s a lot of games that have been hinted at and rumored about for the future so I think it’s about time to discuss them.

Havana (Status: Nearly Confirmed)



Visceral Games, the makers behind Dead Space, are working on a Battlefield game with a police theme. Havana, the game in question, is meant to be due out this year. The new direction doesn’t sound too far-fetched as a new game based on riot police could easily be made with the Frostbite. Could the title suggest that the player could take the role of an officer of the law in Cuba? It will be interesting to hear  more about this project.

Far Cry 4 (Status: Nearly Confirmed)

far cry 3 prowl

According to a Linked In profile from a Ubisoft Shanghai employee, Far Cry 4 is well underway.. The employee listed that he was working on the game but the information has since been removed. To add to the speculation, an gaming insider accidentally let slip the location of the game, claiming that he meant to DM the information but said there was no point in deleting it now.  Fans of the hit film Drive will also be happy to hear that the composer will be working on the new game so expect to hear some great atmospheric music.

After the huge success of Far Cry 3, it’s no surprise that a sequel is coming. It’s just a matter of playing the waiting game for the release date, trailer or screenshots.

Assassin’s Creed V: Russia(?) (Status: Unconfirmed)


We recently reported that there has been a lot of rumor and speculation that points to the next location of the next Assassin’s Creed to be in Russia. We believe that there is some weight behind this rumor  as an official Assassin’s Creed Twitter account for tweeted GPS locations that point to Moscow, Russia. Read here for more details.

Next-Gen Ultra Street Fighter IV (Status: Unconfirmed)


Yoshinori Ono, one of the producers behind Street Fighter IV, sent fighting fans into a wild frenzy when he tweeted a picture of Blanka, an infamous Street Fighter character, perched next to a PS4 controller. The tweet thanked people for playing Ultra Street Fighter IV at a location-test. Whether Ono is trolling us or genuinely hinting at a next-generation Street Fighter game remains to be seen. Capcom has not yet confirmed or denied the rumor so here’s hoping we get to see Ryu and Ken battle on next-gen.

The Last Guardian (Status: Unconfirmed)


There’s been a lot of hubbub about The Last Guardian and whether or not it’s actually coming out despite numerous confirmations that it would. More fuel has been added to the “It’s really happening” fire when the game was spotted on the Playstation Store. The game description did not specify a “PS4 exclusive” release so it may also see a release on the older generation of PS3. Whatever the case may be, The Last Guardian is definitely releasing and it has a space on the PS Store right now.

Rocksteady’s New Batman Game (Status: Confirmed as of 3/4/2014)

2014-02-2814_09_12-im16jhx (2)

According to a post on Gamespot’s forums, the next Batman game could be revealed a lot sooner than you think. A promo poster with the game’s iconic Rocksteady Batman logo has been uncovered. The likelihood of the revelation of a new Batman game this year is extremely high as Arkham Origins was being worked on by WB Games while Rocksteady did their own project, which is more than likely. Kevin Conroy, voice of Batman from Arkham City and Asylum himself said he was working on a Batman game but it was revealed not to be Origins, but something else…

Demon Souls 2 (Status: DEAD)


Many people have hinted that a new Demon Souls game will come to Playstation 4. At E3 2013, fresh rumours of a Demon Souls direct sequel surfaced after Miyazaki said he’s working on a secret project instead of Dark Souls II. Since Sony Computer Entertainment own the Demon Souls license, a new PS4 exclusive Demon Souls game isn’t a stretch too far from Miyazaki’s secret project. Here’s hoping!

UPDATE. According to a blog post on Playstation Blog, John Hardin of Atlus has denied that Demon Souls 2 is in production.

Mafia 3 (Status: Unconfirmed)


With many next-gen games focusing on the open world genre, it seems incredibly likely that 2K Czech will release a new Mafia game. It seems the the Mafia devs have hired new staff for a project that’s “top secret and super interesting”; just what the project is remains to be seen. The Mafia series has always delivered a great story wrapped in an incredibly immersive city with dazzling graphics. It would be very exciting to see this “secret project” become the next Mafia game for PS4 and Xbox One. Check out these rumors about Mafia 3 being developed for next-gen. UPDATE: Apparently 2K Czech will no longer developing the game and the project has been moved to the brand new 2K San Francisco, and the game might be redone from scratch. Hopefully, we’ll hear more soon.

Crackdown 3 (Status: Unconfirmed)

In the initial Xbox One reveal, the agility orb from Crackdown was spotted in one of the screens for the event. You can clearly see the orb on the bottom left screen in the picture below.


The internet went nuts at the prospect of having a next-gen city to mess around in like in previous Crackdown games. Whether Microsoft did this intentionally or just let it slip, Crackdown 3 will more than likely be coming to Xbox One.


Hitman (Status: Almost Confirmed)


Let’s call a spade a spade here. Hitman Absolution did not live up to the huge expectations set by it’s predecessor Hitman: Blood Money. However, Hitman 6 rumors have been getting pretty big since Absolution’s release You check out the Hitman wiki blog where all the details on Hitman 6 are shown and you can check out some concept art below. IO Interactive have stated they’re working on a new “AAA Hitman project”. Hopefully, Hitman 6 can deliver some classic Hitman assassinations like locking someone into a steam room or throwing a petrol can down a chimney; all beautifully illustrated with next-gen graphics. We’ll just have to wait and see if it gets announced in the first place. UPDATE: IO Interactive have sent an open letter to all Hitman fans which states that for the next Hitman game, Agent 47 will be going back to his roots. The new game will be inspired by the missions of Contracts and Blood Money but with the graphics of Absolution. You can read the letter here.

Fallout 4 (Status: Unconfirmed)

This rumor is a gigantic one as there’s a lot more information to dissect here than the previous rumors. There’s been a lot of information (mostly false) about Fallout 4 in the past year or so and it can be difficult to sort out fact from fiction.A rumor circulated around the net that the dev team from Fallout 3 was setting up camp in Boston and taking photographs of local landmarks. A voice actor for Fallout 3 also stated he was going to be in a sequel. Everyone flipped out and hailed the idea of a Fallout set in Boston. However, as time went on, the person who broke the rumor admitted he had made it up completely and it was a hoax. Back to square one.


Recently, a new site was discovered : After checking the source page for this site, it seemed that some script indicated that this site was Fallout related but after tracing the IP, it revealed that the site was originating from Poland, not the US. Many people believe it to be a hoax but as time went on, a timer went on the site and a “Vault-Tec” symbol also went onto the site. The site also has a Morse code message beeping that translates into a date in December which the timer is also counting down to. Most people would knock this off as a hoax but this is where it gets interesting. Bethesda have, in fact, registered for Fallout 4 to be trademarked. UPDATE: After all this speculation, it turns out the rumors has been completely disproved. Both the survivor2299 site was a fake and so was the Fallout trademark. However, Kotaku seems to have an”insider tip” about Fallout 4 which states that the game is set in Boston and will feature a voiced-protagonist. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen.


Star Wars Games (Status: Unconfirmed)


At E3 2013, we got a teaser of Star Wars Battlefront/Battlefront 3. Now, EA had confirmed DICE (Battlefield/Mirror’s Edge), BioWare (Mass Effect/Dragon Age) and Visceral Games (Dead Space) will handle most of the Star Wars AAA games, at least for the time being. This means we can possibly expect a) Dead Space style combat/exploration b) Mass Effect conversation trees and indepth storytelling or c) squad based and vehicle based multiplayer maps, possibly taking place in space. One of the big things to note is that they will all run on Frostbite 3, the same engine as Battlefield 4. The release window for Star Wars: Battlefront is Q2/Q3 in 2015.

Finally, the cancelled Star Wars 1313 game could see a resurrection but there are no plans at the current moment to do so (at least none that have been confirmed). Thanks, digitaltrends for all the info!

Next-Gen Version of Metro: Last Light (Status: Unconfirmed)

We recently got in contact with Deep Silver to ask about the project as 4A Games had hinted before they would be interested in doing this if it made commercial sense. Deep Silver refused to comment on the project which gets our hopes up as I had specifically asked if they could state the project wasn’t even in development.

Halo 2: Anniversary (Status: Almost Confirmed)

A so called “insider” has been making the rounds over the last few weeks, giving out all kinds of information regarding Microsoft’s upcoming announcements. One of them talked about Halo as the insider potentially revealed that Halo 2: Anniversary would arrive this year, with Halo 5 following the year after (2015). This wouldn’t be all that surprising to tell you the truth, but at the same time, we haven’t heard a peep from that insider since. So either, they were caught, or they were trolling. E3 should answer all our questions regarding the future of Halo.

Dishonored 2 (Status: Unconfirmed)

Just the other day we reported on a possible teaser image leaked online that shows a logo for Dishonored 2 and states the game will be revealed at E3 this year. The next Dishonored game is heavily rumored to be using CryeEngine 3 as its development engine. Other than that, no other details are known at this point in time.

Dino Crisis Reboot (Status: Unconfirmed)

The Official Xbox Magazine has been reported to have a rumor inside stating that Capcom would reveal a Dino Crisis reboot for the next-gen consoles this year. Eurogamer Italy reported on the story, but as of right now we don’t have the magazine so can’t confirm anything. Hopefully more details will spring up for this at E3 this year.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 (Status: Almost Confirmed)

A possible insider sent details to OnlySP back in December giving us some potential information on the next Modern Warfare. So far, the insider got the development team and release date correct, along with the name of the game if other recent rumors are to be believed. You can read up on all the details by following the link. As for the most recent rumors, the game is said to take place in the future and locations such as the Golden Gate bridge have been mentioned.

YAGER UE4 Title (Status: Unconfirmed)

Yager, the developers of Spec Ops: The Line, may have two possible titles in development if their job reports are any indication. The job applications make mention of the UE4 F2P title, but in other listings it simply states UE4 AAA game, leading us to believe that they have two separate projects in the work. We’ll keep an eye on this one since Spec Ops: The Line was one of our favorites back in 2012.

A few other notable titles –

Left 4 Dead 3

So that’s some of the games we’ve been hearing rumors about for next gen. We’ll keep adding to the list and making changes as more rumors flood in. What do you guys think? Let us know what games you think are rumored for next-gen in the comments below! For even more rumors, check out the Rumors section of the site.

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  1. Great post, thanks for the updates. As I am playing through Far Cry 3 again for the umpteenth time, I can not wait for more news on the next installment. Potential release date this year or will this take a while? I do lay awake at night dreaming about epic light saber duels and what Star Wars 1313 could have been and hope that we get to see it revived. I also anxiously await news on Fallout 4 (Hell yes Boston) and the next AC: Putin’s Revenge

    1. Lol Putin’s Revenge. Got a few more to add that a N4G user poster. Resident Evil 7 and Dino Crisis.

  2. Actually, 4A Games are working on a game that Andrew Prokhorov, the creative director, once described as “S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in space”. The studio wants to make a living, open-world planet, with different regions and those having their own fauna and flora. It’s also planned to have a cinematic story, like their past games. They’ve been showing a pre-alpha behind closed doors at some events. ;)

    1. Do you have a source link you could send me for that? Would love to report on that.

      1. I’d like to see that too, I love the series.

      2. Unfortunately, it’s all in russian, except for the first (polish) and the last link (english):

      3. One more (in english):

        1. It seems Disqus blocked my first comment or something (too many hyperlinks? LOL).

  3. lots of meh games. =/

    1. You have poor taste in gaming

    2. dat Wii U salt…

  4. A bunch of stuff on this article that I am excited for. Let’s hope it is shown at E3 and coming sooner rather then later.

  5. The FROM Software sequel could easily be an Armored Core sequel, a Tenchu sequel, a Red Ninja sequel, or a Way of the Samurai sequel. Dark souls kind of already was the demon’s souls sequel…?

  6. so next gen gaming will only be open-world type games. consist of military setting, and games you are a assassin. illuminati seriously got gamers mind PROGRAMMED!!! gaming as i know it has completely died. i’ve gamed since the 80’s all is left is converted, disgusting open world games of killing and more killing military style. and you dang fools cant see the big picture what these developers really doing.

    1. This is just a list of the rumored titles coming up. There’s actually a lot of unique games coming out, but indie games don’t usually revolve around rumors since the developers are much more open about what they’re doing than big AAA companies that have to worry about investors.

  7. PS4 might be powerful but not for me. made mistake buying PS3 out of 7 years of last gen 6 games in total (non-military) games that is a huge sadness compare to my library of ps2,ps1,snes games will not make same mistake twice. end my gaming with Sony and return back to Nintendo where hardcore gaming is a faded memory back to colorful exciting games with multiple variety!!!!! gaming for everyone not just freakin hardcore gamers.

    1. There’s nothing hard core about military sims (aka FPS’s). They are lowest common denominator cash cow titles played by punks who think they are gamers, yet call RPG players ‘nerds’ or ‘fags’.

  8. Most of all i would love to see GTA V on PS4 just for the higher frame rate

  9. I cant stand, “Now, EA had confirmed DICE (Battlefield/Mirror’s Edge), BioWare (Mass Effect/Dragon Age) and Visceral Games (Dead Space) will handle most of the Star Wars AAA games, at least for the time being. This means we can possibly expect…b) Mass Effect conversation trees and in-depth storytelling” WHY NOT JUST SAY KOTOR3?!?!?!?

    They might make a Star Wars version of Mass Effect, when Mass Effect 1 was a non-Star Wars version of Knights of the Old Republic. Especially when using Vanguard or Adept was just like using force powers anyways

  10. Hitman Absolution was one of the best games of the generation. The crowd graphics were stunning and there was plenty of choice of how to do the objectives. Maybe because I didn’t play prior Hitman games I liked it more, but the game holds up extremely well when compared to Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid, Deus Ex or any other game with sneaking.

    1. I’ve played all the Hitman games except the first one and I agree that Absolution was fantastic.

  11. Yager website says that they are working on an AAA-FPS, that would be so awesome, but i hate F2P so i really hope those are separated projects

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