Is 4A Games back working on that sci-fi project we reported on over a year ago? We may find out soon enough.

4A Games is prepping to reveal their next in-development project and based on a set of new images they teased today, it’s looking like they’re going sci-fi with their next project. However, 4A Games has already stated they are currently working on two projects, neither of which we know anything officially about yet.

If I had to guess, I would say one of those projects is most likely some sort of VR project and the other is their next big AAA title. We do have some potential information about what 4A Games is working on, but again, nothing has been confirmed yet. The first project, which I’ve omitted from the information below pertained to the already released, Metro: Redux.

The second project – a new shooter in the universe Metro, radically different from the previous parts of the series . Working on the script author of the novels “Metro” Dmitry Gluhovskij and action games … Here we have to stop. NDA forbids us to give any details , but look at those episodes and technical pieces that we have seen in the office 4A Games, really impressive .

The third project is even more secret . This is a fantastic shooter about space with a very unusual design , structure and idea. Alien landscapes are fascinating – we do this have never seen . Alas , more information about the new game we can not provide.

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The official Twitter account for 4A Games teased their upcoming project today with the picture of a hand with what looks to be some pretty high-tech gear. Based on the wording of the previous rumors, the image could be related to either project as the source of the rumor stated that the next Metro title is “radically” different than previous games in the series. While I tend to think that means the next entry will be open world, maybe it’s a change in setting or time.

Hopefully we’ll know sooner rather than later what 4A is working on. Stay tuned to OnlySP for continued coverage on 4A Games’ next title as they continue to release information over the coming weeks and months.

Check out the Tweet for yourself at the bottom of the article and let us know what you think 4A Games is currently working on in the comments section.



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