Kingpin: Reloaded

The remastered version of the 1999 Kingpin game will come with several new features.

In an exclusive interview with OnlySP at PAX South 2020, 3D Realms vice president Frederik Schreiber provided more details about the features in the upcoming Kingpin: Reloaded.

The game will both have an Enhanced mode and a Classic mode. The former mode will include a brand-new quest system, something that was not possible in the 1999 release. Schreiber said, “In the original game, there were quests, but since the UI wasn’t fully developed, you had no idea what to do unless you remembered what someone randomly told you. It was a lot of trial and error. So we’re going to develop an actual quest system.”

Enhanced mode basically makes the game look better but also implement quality of life features that weren’t possible back then. While the classic mode will be the completely untouched original game.

Schreiber also went on to discuss the re-balancing of the game, as certain areas were just way too hard:

“Some enemies took up to 30 shots with a pistol to die. And for other weapons if you upgraded them you could just one shot kill everyone. So we’re going to re-balance it so it makes more sense and that there’s a natural progression of difficulty.”

Stay tuned for the full interview with Schreiber later today.

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