Kotaku AU got a chance to speak with 343 Industries’ Josh Holmes and Tim Longo who dropped some new information on Halo 5: Guardian’s campaign mode, hinting that it might be an emotional experience for some players. No spoilers, we promise.

Kotaku asked 343 about Halo 5’s Guardians possible similarities with Bungie’s 2010 release, Halo: Reach, which happened to be one of the more emotional Halo experiences due to the nature of the games’ storyline. If you haven’t played Halo: Reach yet and you own a 360, go grab a copy of it now and play it, you won’t regret it.

According to Longo, 343 “have a lot of surprises in the campaign when it comes to that side of things and [343 has] tried hard to instill those kind of emotions.” Longo continued, “people get really devoted to these characters and when you see them go through crazy situations, I think that’s a natural thing that’s going to happen. And that’s exactly what we want — it helps to make the game memorable.”

I for one really enjoyed Halo: Reach’s campaign, and was super happy to see more characters involved on-screen. Partially the reason why I’m super excited to see where Halo 5’s campaign takes us later this year. The Kotaku article has a minor spoiler within the article, so we won’t talk about that part here, but if you want to read it just follow the link.

We’ll continue bringing you all the latest news on Halo 5: Guardian’s campaign mode so be sure to stay tuned to OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest.

Nick Calandra
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