As most gamers nowadays know, a first person shooter with a good story is hard to come by. You have the few that stand out, with Bioshock being probably the best example this generation. But games like Call of Duty (insert subtitle here),  and Killzone 3 among other less-than-story-driven FPS games out there have, for many, given the genre the stereotype of always having poorly executed storylines. I believe 343 has a chance to break that trend.

Halo in all honesty has has one of my favorite storylines of any video game franchise out there. Yes, Master Chief isn’t exactly one of the most humorous or detailed characters out there, but the sense of mystery that surrounds him is what builds his character, unless you’ve read the books and have a further understanding of his backstory. 343 in an interview with Gametrailers clearly stated that they wouldn’t be changing his character all that much. He still won’t talk very much and you sure as hell won’t see him cry.

But that’s not the point here. Many fans of the series were burned by Halo 2’s story, Halo 3 brought back the better elements of Bungie’s storytelling and Reach, let’s just say the supposed to be emotional segments of that game felt forced upon us. 343 in my opinion has the ambition to do everything they can to stay true to the franchise while also making it their own.  We still have no clue as to where they will take the story, but as they’ve said they don’t want to be just as good as Bungie, they want to be better and evolve the series.

Of course this is all just my opinion and as this is 343’s first outing, I think all Halo fans probably have their doubts. But with some of the former members of Bungie and developers from all different studios around the world (totaling over 200 members) I think we are in for a pleasant surprise. Looking back at the first details on Halo 4 we already know that 343 has a vision for the continuation of Halo.

“343 is looking to increase the lore in the series and have a stronger focus on character interaction and development. Cortana and the Master Chief will have more of a character behind them this time around as 343 wants to make a deeper and darker story.”

It’ll be very interesting to see where 343 takes us and good or bad, I’ll still be there for the ride. Where would you like to see the story go?

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Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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