Developer Bird In Sky has announced that the indie cyberpunk project 3030 Deathwar Redux will release on Steam on September 13, 2017.

3030 Deathwar originally released back in 2007 with the Redux version uploaded to Steam Early Access in 2016, where it gained a substantial following and even received a 100% positive user rating. The game has since climbed to rank 34 on Steam’s Hidden Gems list and is one of the highest-rated indie sci-fi projects to date.

After a further 10 years in development from the initial release, the creators have greatly improved on the graphics and content of the game, adding to the already impressive universe filled with over 30 star systems to explore.

“Not only have the graphics and audio been massively improved, we also got to add lots of new gameplay ideas and fresh content we hadn’t dreamed of at the start. We’re extremely proud and happy about the game’s upcoming release.”

– Matt Griffiths, developer at Bird In Sky.

Players will take control of John Falcon, a Harrison Ford-inspired adventurer, and his crew. After Falcon discovers a dead body on-board his new ship, the vessel becomes impounded by police, with intergalactic hit squads sent to hunt down the crew members.

New screenshots were released alongside a recent trailer that highlights a range of unique environments and an updated story-driven experience.

Inspired by classic LucasArts titles such as The Secret of Monkey Island, the developers promise a fast-paced fantasy epic with a healthy dose of comedic adventuring thrown into the mix. Gamers will experience a vast open world brimming with quests, features, and a colourful cast. Players will also be faced with moral challenges, as Falcon has the option to complete jobs for money and supplies or simply steal from innocent cargo traders. Completing missions and salvaging parts will allow Falcon to purchase and upgrade ships with performance, defence, and combat enhancements.

3030 Deathwar Redux is a complete reworking of the initial 2007 release and provides an extended collection of characters and content, improved balancing and gameplay mechanics, and an overall smoother experience.

Stay tuned for more information during the build up to the game’s official release on September 13, 2017 exclusively on Steam.

Richard Flint
Part of the UK team, Richard enjoys a bit of everything. From covering news, to meeting up with devs at events, Rich has done it all and loves every minute of it. No task is too big or too small and each new opportunity is a chance to grow as writer.

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