We’re not sure how often musical interests and zombie interests overlap, but it’s happened now thanks to three new tracks being released from Undead Labs for their upcoming zombie game, State of Decay.

The tracks were posted today on Undead Labs’ site. Unfortunately, none of them are in video format, so you’ll have to listen to them via crude MP3 formats by clicking on each link below. They should be worth it though, since they’re impeccably well produced and teeming with energy. What’s even more awesome is that musical legend Jesper Kyd has apparently composed some of these tracks and/or assisted with them. In term of game soundtracks, you don’t get much more high-caliber than that.

I’ve provided a brief summary/opinion of each track below, because pretentiousness.

(The First Track)

This one has a sort of grim ‘wild west’ vibe going for it, interspersed with some synth and piano bits. It’d be perfect for accompanying exploration across the game’s environments, which is what we’re betting it’ll be used for. Maybe a scene in which you’re walking past a rundown city/town that once use to teem with civilization? Oh, the reflective emotion.

(The Second Track)

This track ratchets up the tension with more of an action-oriented feel, complimented by conflicting feelings of hope and despair. This one would be great for use in the background during combat.

(The Third Track)

This one is, at least in my insignificant opinion, the best of the bunch. A tragic and piercing piece at first, it flows brilliantly into a more lightweight, lucid form and paces itself very well throughout. It’s mix of various instruments is commendable indeed. It’d probably fit well with any scenario in the game, though perhaps a more story-oriented moment would be the best match.

Which track is your favorite and why? Let us know!

State of Decay releases sometime in 2013 on PC and Xbox Live Arcade, and is on our Big 12 list.

Michael Urban
Now an occasional contributer, Michael Urban is the former Editor-in-Chief at OnlySP and has the nickname "Breadcrab" for reasons his therapist still doesn't understand. From the moment he first got hacked in Runescape, he's been uninterested in multiplayer games and has pursued the beauty of the single-player experience, especially in terms of story and creative design. His hobbies include reading, writing, singing in the shower, pretending to be productive, and providing info and feedback regarding the games industry. It is an industry, right? You can ask him a question or send him spam at [email protected] Also, follow him on Twitter or the terrorists win. (@MichaelUrban1)

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  1. The first one as it reminds me of the walking dead.
    (I bought the ring tone last night):)
    Love your site btw guys !
    Keep up the good work !

  2. The first one as it reminds me of the walking dead.
    (I bought the ring tone last night):)
    Love your site btw guys !
    Keep up the good work !

  3. During game play (specifically when your in the church or your home/base thing) there’s this song that plays and its very majestic and up lifting and im trying to find it! Anyone know?

    1. It’s called Hope Prevails you can search it up on YouTube

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