Being developed by just three (3!) people, Fossil Echo is a 2D platformer/adventure game that is “set in a fantastical world and telling the story of a boy on a great journey.” That journey is to climb a giant tower that has mysteriously appeared in the middle of the sea.

The Steam Greenlight page mentions how this game is influenced “by the Oddworld series, Ico & Shadow of the Colossus, as well as Studio Ghibli films” and the similarities are very apparent in the trailer below which I recommend checking out.

The trailer shows the main character making his way through many stunning hand drawn environments such as a forest, desert, and the tower itself. The music is also spectacular, as it really sets the tone and mood of the game very well.

It promises to have a mixture of stealth thrown in with the platforming as “the character is very weak and avoiding being seen is always the best solution.”

You also might have noticed something missing from the trailer and you wouldn’t be wrong as there is no dialogue or text. This is a conscious choice on the developer’s part as they are going for a more “show more, tell less” route with the storytelling.

If you enjoyed what you saw, feel more than free to go give it your support here.

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