This July Apogee Software (aka 3D Realms) is rebooting the 1990’s classic FSP Rise of the Triad. The creators of the original Duke Nukem set the release date for July 31st, 2013 for $14.99 on Steam or If you want the Steam version there’s a 25% off coupon GMG25-BAWQB-8UQWG at Green Man Gaming, reducing the price to a solid $11.25.

In addition to the discount above, a preorder copy will also include the “Apogee Throwback pack” for free. It’s a collection of four classic Apogee Software titles: Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, Blake Stone: Planet Strike, Rise of the Triad (1995 version), and Extreme Rise of the Triad. This is an added bonus as a separate Steam key which you can redeem the minute you preorder.

The Rise of the Triad reboot gives includes 20 levels of classic Doom-like bloody single player action. There’s also a chance to build your own levels/mods and share them via Valve’s Steam workshop.

It uses the Unreal Engine 3 which should give low end PCs a chance to run it while also pushing high end PCs to their limits when running in Ultra settings.

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