Murdered: Soul Suspect was officially announced back in February, but we had to wait until E3 for some more concrete details. The E3 video walkthrough has now gone up on the interwebs, expositioning quite a few interesting features.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is a detective thriller, starring Ronan O’Connor – an experienced detective who can apparently smoke a cigarette for days. After being murdered, his soul must find the suspect. Hence the name.

Set in Salem, Murdered looks to utilise the paranormal history of the region to great affect. The world is split into two parts: the real world, and The Dusk. After death, O’Connor is able to interact with both in a variety of ways.

Being a ghost changes O’Connor’s abilities. He loses his ability to physically interact with objects, but gains a number of special supernatural tricks.

O’Connor must use his supernatural abilities to possess people, revealing clues and information tid-bits that will help him put together the whole story of his death. He cannot directly control those he possesses, instead relying on sight and sound to eavesdrop and pick up little details. More directly, he can recreate memories from psychic residues, giving him a better picture of events.

O’Connor also must use his conventional detective brain, forming links between actions and clues that reveal the story and open up the world for progression.

One thing that looks interesting is the ability to walk through (most) things. O’Connor is able to move freely around the world, ignoring regular obstacles. A major restriction is the inability to pass through external building walls, although once inside a house he can walk through interior walls.

An added complication to O’Connor’s investigation is the presence of enemies – demons. Combat seems to be a more contemplative and stealthy affair, as Ronan uses his abilities to teleport, possess people, and walk through walls to get behind the enemy for a quick kill. It looks suitable to the adventure-esque pace of the game, although we’ll have to wait for a hands-on to see if it fits the tone of the game.

You can watch all 25 minutes of the Murdered: Soul Suspect E3 walkthrough below. Murdered: Soul Suspect is coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 early 2014.

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