A small group of lucky people got the chance to check out 23-minutes worth of Dead Rising 3 gameplay at this year’s Comic-Con and, thanks to All Games Beta, we get to check out the footage as well.

Dead Rising 3 plans to retain all the crazy antics of the previous games while offering gamers a larger and more surreal world to explore. You will still be mowing down hordes of the undead with makeshift weapons, but you will be doing next-gen in a environment that looks like it actually went through a zombie-apocalypse and not just a carnival.

Dead Rising 3 is planned to be released this November, 2013 exclusively for the Xbox One.

Source: All Games Beta

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    1. Soooo glad I found this video as I was desperate to see more of Dead Rising 3. Thanks to All Games Beta for the vid. Watch this vid I promise u it’s worth it.

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