Today Zero Sum Games unveiled its newest creation StarDrive 2. If you’re up for the new space genre 4x Strategy, the game is available on Steam for $29.99, but there’s a coupon code out there cutting a significant chunk out of that price tag. The UK-based gaming retailer GMG has a 22% off code out there slashing $6.60 off the base game, dropping the price under $24. The same code also works on the Digital Deluxe Edition.

Note: You might need to act fast for the discount. GMG’s coupon code discount will expire on Monday, April 13th at 8am Pacific.

Digital Deluxe vs. Standard Edition

There’s not much difference between the Editions aside from aesthetics. The Deluxe Edition allows you to customize your starships with new paint jobs and includes a bunch of other digital content.

Here’s what’s included in the Digital Deluxe:

  • StarDrive 2 Base Game
  • Custom Ship Paint Jobs
  • Digital StarDrive Design Journal (hand-written journal used by the developer)
  • Digital Artbook
  • StarDrive 2 Soundtrack

If you were a big fan of the original StarDrive or really like extra content, it might make sense for you to get the Deluxe, but otherwise Standard will probably do just fine. The game doesn’t have a ton of media attention, but there are a few treatments on Youtube.

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