The Eastern Front of WWII opens up in this weeks RTS game Company of Heroes 2. If you’re excited to sit in the generals chair and pick up a copy on Steam, don’t get caught off guard like Stalin was in 1941 and pay full price. Green Man Gaming has a 20% off coupon code for Company of Heroes 2 dropping price from $59.99 to $48.

The single player campaign puts you in command of Soviet forces repelling the German invaders. It starts off during the German surprise attack Operation Barbarossa and concludes with the Soviet offensive on Berlin.

While the game has only been out since Tuesday, the reaction has been generally positive, receiving a respectable 81/100 Metascore. As a sequel to the original 2006 Company of Heroes this game gets negative attention for lack of originality over the previous title… but at the same time gets praise for sticking with what works. I guess it’s just a matter of perspective.

The coupon code discount is set to expire on Sunday, June 30th at 8am Eastern time.

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