Having just been announced but not fully revealed, one of the prevailing questions surrounding Battlefield 4 at the moment is “will it have a single-player campaign?” It’s a valid question due to the primarily multiplayer-focused appeal of the series and the negative reception of BF3‘s campaign, but these two new character images point to the answer being a “yes.”

Seen below, they were released on the game’s official site and detail two separate characters, one a woman named “Hanna” and the other an unnamed man, who look to be of significance to an overarching narrative. Why else would they be featured in what look to be gleaming gold photographs that urge one to reminisce? They look to be rendered with DICE’s Frostbite 2.5 engine, hinting at what the visuals may look like in the full game.

It’s hard to tell if Hanna is part of the army or not, since her hat may or may not be a military boonie cap, but the man certainly is, and judging by his lazy eyes, I’m not quite sure he gets enough sleep. It remains to be seen whether he’ll be the main character for the supposed campaign, but if he is, the US insignia on his arm means that the perspective would once again be that of a US soldier.

How do you feel about Battlefield 4 having a campaign? Let us know, and stay tuned for more info on the title if it does. A full reveal is coming on March 26.

For my personal thoughts on why the game should ditch the campaign, you can read this editorial.




Michael Urban
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  1. Ditch the campaign. The series is for gun-loving right-wing shitheads with nothing better to do with their time but yell “Watch My Six!” over headphones to shmuck 14 year olds.

  2. Jim, i never buy anything associated with EA. But you are so right about that. These bastards playing soldier, would curl up and cry like bitch’s if they ever found themselves on a real life battlefield. And this is coming from an Iraq war veteran.

  3. Oh so your a veteran,i am with you in this shit,not just those bastards did you forgot about infinity ward,in their games your always the victim,but still those cock suckers will shit blood if they were in a real fight….

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