Gamescom 2015 brought us not only a Crackdown 3 release window, but also some explosive gameplay.

Dave Jones teased Crackdown 3 at E3 2014, and at Gamescom 2015 he did a little more teasing. We have been given a release window, but more importantly, some beautiful looking gameplay. Jones focused on the destructive elements of the game, by showing of the dynamic havoc a player can wreak in the multiplayer sandbox.

Jones stated there will be a difference between campaign with co-op, and the multiplayer sandbox. Jones goes into great detail about the technical aspects of the destruction, and how every building is more than just a picture pasted on a mesh; but instead a life-like superstructure that can be torn apart piece by piece.

Check out the gameplay below:

The game is said to release in Summer 2016 exclusively for the Xbox One. Does dynamic destruction whet your appetite for the game? Or does it take more than pretty physics to win you over? Let us know in the comments, and any other thoughts you have on the upcoming Crackdown 3.

Adam Railton
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    1. The dynamic destruction is great stuff; what excites me about it is the technology… how the power of the cloud is computing all this dynamic chaos (then again, feature is exclusive to multiplayer). As much as that’s exciting, I’m a single player gamer; therefore my interest in Crackdown is the narrative… that’s what will draw me in. I’m sure Crackdown 3 will have better gameplay but ReAgent/Microsoft have to craft a good and clever story around its gameplay for me to cough out my wallet for the it.

      So ReAgent/Microsoft, IMPRESS ME

      1. Eh, Crackdown never about the story though. Honestly, I hope they stick with the original formula and forego a big narrative, because taking down each gang was quite a bit of fun.

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