The Order: 1886 is just a couple weeks away from release now and some people already have the game in their hands and thus, here come the leaks.

Thanks to users on Youtube, we have around 12 minutes of footage to show you from The Order: 1886. The audio has been messed with in the video a bit to avoid Sony’s takedown bots, but you can get a good look at the game’s stellar graphical presentation. Check out the video below and be sure to let us know what you think of the game in the comments section.


We’ll be sure to keep you updated on The Order: 1886 leading up to its February 20th release, so don’t forget to follow OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter.
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  1. Well, that was Kinda a wasteful video.:/ Loved the art direction and style this games going for. It might just have the best graphics for the PS4 yet, but who cares,ya know? Sorry to sound so negative and biased,which unfortunately I Am, but games could be so much more than interactive movies that sacrifice gameplay variety, gameplay dynamics,new mechNics,something that hasn’t been done before. I’m just not seeing it in any of these “next-gen” games. The only games that I can think of(which doesn’t mean much since I don’t even play that much video games) are NO MANS SKY,DYING LIGHT(in terms of total player freedom of movement in regards to environment and such)THE SHAPE OF THE WORLD, which I think looks absolutely beautiful and thought provoking, and I guess UC4, when it comes to ultra realistic graphics and fluid animations , mixed in with hopefully nonlinear game design and gMeplY choices or variety of ways to reach an objective,but while still Being a linear game though. Most other games i see are either sequels of last gen,just spruced up with better AA OR more specular maps or whatever,and with the basic same core gameplay still the same though /: I stop love linear games and TLOUR is still one of my all time favorites,I’m a actually still playing it and I’m on my 7th or 8th playghrough, GOD I love that games,partly becUse it IS linear,being Linear isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can allow for better presentation,in terms of GrPhics,good storytelling,Good Voice Acting, a sense of progressing and having It feel like a well deigned movie almost, like TLOU. But a Linear game if done poorly can be predictable,boring, be sacrificing variety in gameplay and dynamic gameplay so it can boast better graphics and such and to progress the story. Linear games can feel REally constricting and off putting if the levels are not designed well and don’t flow fluidly. So there are pros and cons to linear designed games, my point being, IF done right, they can kick ass memorable experiences that Grip you and are riveting from start to finish, and each time you before I ou play its like waiting for a new episode of your favorite tv show, delivering set prices and storytellinvg on par with b level movies. OR, linear games can be so boring and repetitive that you play it once, and never again….. I hope that tRHE ORDER 1886 turns out more like TLOU Or HALF LIFE 2, in terms of being a riveting,fun and interesting experience for start to finish. And not like Duke Nukem Forever or Destiny when it comes to campaign, which is all the ORDER is is single player, I dunno. Only time will tell if it’s a masterpiece or a clunker, or just a solid new IP from a budding studio. I believe It will be the last one, a solid,yet ultimately forgettable game with AMAZING GRAPHICS
    But THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION,nothing more,nothing less:D
    Peace Out

    1. You sir, need to learn about paragraphs :P But thanks for the comment and yea, the video skipped all the spoilery stuff so it really just focused on giving you a good look at the presentation.

      1. Yeah I know:D about the paragraphs, I get an idea for a comment, start typing on my itouch,look down and see…. HOLY SHIT, I can’t even read that, how in the hell is …..ANYONE supposed to know what I’m saying? Oh Well(presses enter) ;D
        Thanks for the reply dude!

        Ps. Sometimes I can’t even read my own handwriting, I’m one of those kinds of people:P

    2. Yeah i agree, this gameplay is pretty much what you would get from a david cage game. Too scripted too many cinematics, barelly any control at all.

      Feels alot like max payne 3 and i hated how that game took over control from me all the time in order to be more “cinematic”

      Do you love hand holding?

      Does the thought of you hardly playing the game sound good to you?

      Do you enjoy having an extremely linear level designs and an extremely linear plot line?

      Do you love having no freedom to explore?

      Does the thought of CONSTANTLY having to do QTEs for even the most SIMPLE AND MEANINGLESS things sound good to you?

      Did you enjoy pressing F to show respect?

      If so, I suggest you purchase tickets to watch The Order 1886.

      WARNING Choppy frame rate the repeatably drops may cause motion sickness

      Joking aside this looks like a rent and if you dont have a ps4 just watch it online. The graphics are quite good but even that comes with black lines due to the lower resolution.

      As for uncharted? I dissagree with the uber fanboyism of ZOMG TEH BEST GRAPHICZ EVAR. The actual gameplay didnt look as look as the E3 cutscene, the recently released cutscenes didnt look as good either. The game looks like a bit better than tomb raider on a high end pc. I guess thats what you get from a 60 fps game but they decided to go under 60, possibly 30 so there is that.

      The new tomb raider will have larger open world enviroments, now if uncharted 4 could do the same, that would explain why the graphics are not the best. The order is a linear corridor scripted game so it objectively has better graphics.

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