Developer Madmind Studio has released gameplay of the upcoming Agony spin-off, Succubus.

Agony launched in 2018 to mixed reviews after several years of hype built up by the community. Shortly after the game’s release, Madmind announced a follow-up project titled Succubus in the hopes of redeeming the franchise.

Madmind has now released ten minutes of in-game footage that showcases all of the bizarre and disturbing imagery on offer. From spine swords to naked babies hung by umbilical cords, Succubus definitely retains the grotesque atmosphere of the previous title.

Players take control of a ferocious Succubus complete with bone daggers and fiery projectiles. From the gameplay, the project looks to be much more action-based than Agony with a large focus on combat. The various weapons make for some brutal encounters filled with dismemberment and skull-crushing executions.

The footage climaxes with the arrival of a brutish boss character, other enemies vary slightly between shielded and non-shielded foes.

Speaking to OnlySP last year, Madmind CEO Tomasz Dutkiewicz delved into some details of the new setting,” a darker, more ominous, largely populated neighborhood, where brutality, hunting, and fighting are the everyday struggle.”

In a deep-dive interview, Dutkiewicz also discussed why the team worked so hard to reverse the initial negative impression that critics and consumers alike received when Agony released.

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Richard Flint
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